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When doing business internationally, it is usually a good business practice to localize your operational, HR and marketing content. It is not enough to assume that both your employees and clients will be tolerant of materials that are not communicated in their local language. Localized operational, HR and marketing materials result in increased adoption rates, a homogenous corporate culture, better customer service skills, and increased sales.

Localization is a broad term and its meaning is dependent upon how it is utilized

Welcome to E-Learning month, where successful multinational enterprises depend on effective international e-learning translation processes to transfer know-how.

This month, Translation Source will provide valuable information for designing eLearning strategies that engage learners and support company’s key business needs. Our blog posts will be focusing on how employers should maximize the advantages of e-learning and become an integral part of the learning tools used by Fortune 500 companies. Whether or not you have prior experience with eLearning, these blogs will provide you with essential knowledge to implement eLearning initiatives that get results.

If you know a colleague who would benefit from translation or other language services, please enter your name and contact information together with your colleague’s name and contact information. Winner will be announced on May 3rd 2012 at Translation Source booth #7561 at the OTC conference in Houston, TX

Website localization is the natural entry point for your company’s localization strategy as you seek to tap this global demand. Our experienced localization team brings together all the linguistic, cultural, and technical knowledge needed to consistently deliver website translations that are linguistically sound, market-savvy, and culturally appropriate. Website localization is the process of modifying an existing website to make it accessible, usable, and culturally suitable to a target non-English speaking audience. The process involves many layers and requires programming expertise as well as website translation and cultural knowledge.

Translation Source over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) services provide you immediate access to qualified linguists at a moment’s notice.

Translation Source on-site interpretation services allow healthcare, government, and corporate organizations to communicate with those populations that speak languages other than English (LEP – Limited English Proficient.)

Translation Source can help you find temporary or permanent bilingual staff anywhere in the world… on your payroll or ours!

As one of the premier document translation companies in the world, we pride ourselves on managing and producing the highest quality, certified, technical translations for our clients, in all major languages.

Translation Source uses the latest in video technology to give you live remote access to qualified interpreters.